C N & Co.'s areas of specialization

C N & Co. offers specialized services to doctors, dentists, small business owners and other professionals who often have too much on their mind and are busy taking care of their patients, businesses and projects. We can take care of things that you don't have the time for and we can bring up ideas that will save you a bundle. We take care of doctors, small business owners and busy professionals on a personal basis and can help with you the following :

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  1. Incorporation
  2. Contract negotiations
  3. Job search counseling
  4. Moonlighting advantages


  1. Attorneys
  2. Real estate brokers


  1. Tax returns
  2. IRS audits
  3. Tax planning


  1. Cash budgets
  2. Loan management
  3. Auto lease vs buy


  1. Buying vs renting decisions


  1. Savings plans
  2. Retirement plans

Pick the wrong accounting firm and you can pinch your growth for lack of services. Our firm specializes in many needs of physicians, dentists and other professionals such as yourself . Above, you will find listed some of the things we feel we can help you with. We believe that good, independent advice is an important way an accountig firm can help somebody who is getting established. That's why we go beyond the raw numbers to understand the big picture, and help your fiscal strategy come to new and profitable life.