C N & Co.

What is a CPA ?

A Certified Public Accountant is certified by his /her state to practice accounting. They must pass a nationwide 3- day test administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. They must also meet educational requirements, a bachelor's degree. Also you are required to have 2 years of specific accounting experience. Rules of ethics and professional conduct are codified in state law. Members of the American Institute and Illinois society of CPA's must also uphold the ethical standards of those organizations. CPA's are also required to complete approximately 40 hours per year of acceptable continuing education.

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Why do I need a CPA ?

For both personal and corporate, the most common reason for getting a CPA is " to get their taxes done right". If this is the way you feel, you should make an adjustment to your thought. The reason why you should go to a CPA is to plan for your tax return in advance, make the tax time a smooth time. Many of the things you do in your every day life will affect your tax return, and you don't know it. Taxes are just one of the main things we can do for you. We want to make your life easier now and in the future. If you need some financial planning help or investment help, we can help you there too. Businesses can use a CPA for just about everything. CPA's can do an assortment of services for you : payroll, bookkeeping, pensions, and much more. These are just a few of the items a CPA can take care of for you. Call us and we will be glad to lend a hand.